Does your Overwhelming To-do List get more care and attention than your Spiritual Growth?

Are you tired of worrying about what other people think of you instead of focusing on what God thinks?Real Girls Serving a Real God will show you triumph and tragedy through the eyes of other women who have lived some heartbreaking and amazing journeys. Their lives definitely didn’t go perfectly, yet there is hope and healing for you in their stories. Life comes at us with pressures, expectations, and plenty of ups and downs. It is easy to focus in on all the negative or flaws we so easily find. But what if we could actually see things through God’s lens? While life does not always go according to plan, we can steady ourselves through the Word of God and learn powerful lessons from both failure and joy. “Here is your humble invitation to grow in real faith and open your eyes to new perspectives and possibilities.


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What you will learn

Staying Positive in a Negative Space

Why does God allow bad things to happen? This is a question many non-believers, seekers, and Christians ask when they see things which seem tragically unfair. However, God wants us to walk in peace and leave our burdens with Him.

Living in the Spirit instead of my Feels

To have self-control, we must battle our own temptations. Sometimes it is a civil war between our mind and our heart’s desires.

Learning Discipline Takes Discipline

We need time with God and good role models around us in order to develop better self-control and personal discipline.

Do prayers really matter?

Have you ever felt like you were praying to an empty sky?

And many other topics...

Praise for Real Girls Serving a Real God

Dr. Cox-Meadows spoke directly to my heart in her book, Real Girls Serving a Real God. I'm a busy professional that often strives for perfectionism.  As women, we often can get lost in the day-to-day grind. Teri uses personal stories woven with God's word to remind us who God is, who we are, and who He created us to be. I highly recommend it.

K Black

This book is full of practical advice and straight talk.  Teri speaks my language.  It contains stories and real-life applications. What I love best about Teri is her willingness to be authentic with no holds barred. There's no fake persona or glossed-over truth, just real talk based in scripture.

Kalli M


Meet the Author

Dr. Teri Cox-Meadows has a passion for empowering others to become their best selves. She travels as an international education consultant, author, musician, and speaker. Teri was a recent Soriee’ Magazine Woman to Watch, a graduate of Leadership Arkansas’ Class XIV, and a member of the Arkansas Women’s Leadership Forum. She is the current communications trainer for several business management teams and a keynote speaker, both nationally and internationally, for organizations such as Rotary International, Delta Kappa Gamma International, Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield, Arkansas Regional Organ Recovery Association, LOPA, and MORA.

In the business sector, Dr. Cox-Meadows is a leadership consultant, executive coach, and communications specialist. She is the founder of Daryl’s Music Makers, a nonprofit organization providing hope and future for children abroad and stateside, through music and education. She also has a passion for living a healthy lifestyle and is part of the Life Vantage and Optavia families.

Teri is part of a dynamic staff at ReNew Community Church where she works alongside leaders and innovators from the various fields of education, faith, public and private sector businesses, and non-profits, to engage and inspire people to reach for their highest potential.